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Helper with the Q


BLANQ canvas #FatherDaughterTeam

The day began driving up/down and making lefts/rights on different Jersey City streets as we looked for location. This is how we spent most of our Sunday Funday together. We started our area photo shoot today for images to be utilized for and marketing pieces we have planned to create for this clothing brand.

I decided to involve Ameerah Michelle (my daughter) on this Sunday adventure. Not only did I need help holding up the
“Q on the Canvas” haha, this experience gave my daughter an idea what her father has envisioned for the BLANQ canvas brand project. Having her around with her 11 year old creative brain, gave me some inspirational ideas. As a matter of fact, she helped me with some of the photography and future T-shirts designs. Gotta love this kid’s creative mind!

As a result, this bonding moment was excellent experience for both of us and a much needed one! I witnessed my daughter blossom some new interests, other than her iPhone/iPad. As well, she received first hand experience and also witnessed her old man use his creativity.

In conclusion, you have learned a little more about LOSone and at the end of the day we ate some ice cream.

Stay tuned for future BLANQ canvas kids T-shirts edition!






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The Q on the Canvas

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