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BLANQ canvas | creative lifestyle brand

You may wonder, “Why the name BLANQ canvas?”. Well this project was started by Carlos A. Marin (LOSone) for his creative thoughts to be put onto Tshirts and other street wear apparel. After 15 years as a graphic designer, he has worked in many creative roles. In ad agencies and as of recently an inhouse lead corporate marketing designer. While gaining much knowledge from both worlds, LOSone has made other peoples visions come to life. Starting from branding all the way through launching their websites and all the in-between creative materials. He has a well versed background in the graphic design industry. Having all this exposure from both types of environments have been very beneficial for his career, but now during the summer of 2016 he has made the decision to launch the BLANQ canvas brand.

Being always a fan of the creative world, particularly in the underground culture of street art. The fascination of this subculture taught him at a young age of having the ability to create his visions on anything he chose to use as his “BLANQ canvas”.  The discovery of this gift, let him experience the joy of the sound of clanking cans, the distinctpshhh” of the paint coming out the Krylon cans and having the rush of a cultivating adventure. With that being said, choosing to design clothing as his new medium to express himself will continue to inspire him to create eyecatching designs that mimics the rush he once got.

Established in 2016, BLANQ canvas  is a independent creative lifestyle brand based out of Jersey City, NJ that offers clean cut timeless creative thinking. These designs will be inspired from many of his interests, including a combination of minimalist style, street art, typography, calligraphy, hip-hop, the techno night life and many more enjoyments.

Welcome to the BLANQ canvas!


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